Dad sees burglar open door of daughter's room on security cameras

SAN DIEGO, California (KTRK) -- A military family is reeling after seeing video of a burglar near their daughter's room while they were out of town.

Marine Caleb Ball said he, his wife and their 20-month old daughter were visiting family Friday night when they got an alert on their phone just before 8 p.m. The alert was from the video camera in the nursery.

"My wife saw that the door was open in one picture and closed in the next, so we looked at it and saw someone closing the door. We hopped in the car and drove down here as fast as we could," Ball said.

He was unnerved, "well it was quite upsetting I was just so happy he closed the door, didn't go in there, didn't touch anything, I'm actually very fortunate that happened."

He said they were also fortunate the intruder didn't take anything.

"The only room it looked like he was in was our bedroom, all the drawers were pulled out."

Ball said his safe was also tossed around.

They think he was spooked, "we couldn't find anything missing, so whatever he had in his hands, he threw and ran away."

Cobbler has this message for the intruder, "you know you're going to get caught so, just know that the law will be after you."

Ball said next time he hopes he is there to meet the intruder.

"We are actually going to add a security system with motion detectors and door latches. So that will blast a large siren if it catches anything," said Ball.

He filed a police report.
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