Dad builds epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon model for sons' Halloween costume

Cincinnati, Ohio -- A dad in Cincinnati built his two sons a Star Wars Millennium Falcon starship model to go with their Han Solo and Chewbacca Halloween costumes.

Video shows Sean Lehmkuhl's process of building the fictional ship and later, his two sons taking it for a ride, dressed in their costumes, once the model was completed.

Lehmkuhl told Storyful he has been a vintage Star Wars toy collector for over 20 years and the original Millennium Falcon toy from 1977 inspired him to build the model for his sons.

"This is the fourth year in a row I have built a mobile costume for them to travel with," said Lehmkuhl. "My kids love it! I've always enjoyed creating things and to have my kids enjoy it with memories they will never forget makes it worth it."

Lehmkuhl said he built the model in his spare time and the project took over a month to complete.
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