Boy with cystic fibrosis sworn in as honorary deputy

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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Boy with cystic fibrosis sworn in as honorary deputy

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- The Liberty County Sheriff's Office deputized its newest member Tuesday, and he's only 8 years old.

Isaac Ivey's dreams came true when he was handed a badge, uniform and signed a contract with the sheriff's office.

At just 3 months old, Isaac was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. His mom says since he was 4 years old, he's wanted to be a SWAT officer.

"Raise your hand and repeat after me," Sheriff Bobby Rader instructed Isaac.

WATCH: Deputies give 'Bubba' his SWAT training uniform

Crystal Ivey, Isaac's mom, told ABC13 that she wanted her son to be able to forget about the hospitals for just one day and just feel like a normal little boy.

"This is amazing. It's definitely a dream come true," Crystal says.

She added Isaac was pulled out of school because he was getting sick too often, and now has around-the-clock care.

The 8-year-old doesn't just have cystic fibrosis, but he also battles many complex health issues, including severe complications that affect his breathing.

"'Bubba' is definitely our miracle. We call him 'Bubba'," Crystal said. "His second home is probably the Texas Children's Hospital since he was 6 weeks old."

To watch Isaac climb into the SWAT vehicle, follow his new team members and cover his ears during practice explosions, you wouldn't know that he had open heart surgery nine months ago.

"If we can take time out of our day to bring his wildest dreams to life, then it's nothing for us," Liberty County Sheriff deputy Josh Cummins said. "This is something that he will never forget. As long as he lives, he will never forget it."

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