Tree falls on vehicle with people inside, shutting down Highway 6

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Eyewitnesses describe a very scary scene after a tree fell on two women in a car on Highway 6 near Clay Road.

First responders were able to pull the women out of the car safely before transporting them to a local hospital.

The downed tree fell across the northbound lanes of Highway 6, backing up traffic for hours as crews first got the women out, then to remove the tree from the road so that it is passable.

Liz Salinas was with her husband nearby when they saw the incident.

"They came and used a jack to hold the tree in place," Salinas said. "They pulled them out, you could see through the car through the roof so they pulled the ladies out through the roof and onto the stretchers and got them out."

Eyewitnesses say it wasn't particularly windy at the time but the area has had a lot of high water at times, and with all the saturation in the past year, the tree may have given way at the roots.

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