Crafty thieves target Tennessee library for crocheting magazine

MARYVILLE, Tn. (KTRK) -- A library in one Tennessee community has a very peculiar problem: keeping thieves from snatching a popular crocheting magazine off its shelves.

The Blount County Library said 'Crochet World' magazine is a real draw for library goers and for at least one sticky-fingered bandit who has helped themselves to issues of the magazine over the years, WVLT-TV reports.

Library director K.C. Williams said theft of the magazine has been so bad, staff was forced to move copies of the magazine behind the library's reference desk. Readers are now required to show a library card or photo ID in exchange for the latest copy of the magazine.

Williams' theory: the magazine's full-color patterns are irresistible to the crooks, who have also taken a liking to similar publications.

"All our craft [magazines], especially if they have to do with fiber arts, are subject to walking," she says.

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