Hundreds more Houstonians seriously assaulted in recent months

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Nearly 900 more Houstonians have been seriously assaulted this summer and fall than the same seasons in 2018, according to HPD crime statistics. It's part of a concerning increase in overall crime.

Following an overnight crime spree that left three people across southeast Houston recovering from stab wounds, 13 Investigates analyzed the most recent crime figures available. We compared June through October of this year to the same time period last year.

Property crime in Houston is up more than 8 percent. Those are crimes like home burglary, auto theft, or theft of property inside your car.

Violent crime is up 1.6 percent.

Neither show a trend Houstonians want.

When Houston police break down the violent crimes, aggravated assaults had the largest increase.

HPD reports 875 more aggravated assaults from June through October 2019 than the same time period in 2018. That is a 16.8 percent increase. Aggravated assaults are serious assaults that use a weapon and cause serious injury. It would include non-fatal stabbings and shootings.

There were three more murders this year, and a few less rapes.

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