Black pastors get COVID-19 vaccine to inspire minority communities

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A group of Black pastors from Galveston County joined together to get their COVID-19 vaccines on Saturday, hoping to inspire others to get theirs too.

They said they wanted to show minority communities that they believe the coronavirus vaccine is safe and reliable.

"The vaccine has efficacy," one of the pastors said. "All citizens, especially minorities, need to engage in this vaccination process."

The CDC says Black and Latino Americans are nearly three times more likely to die from COVID-19 complications than whites. Leaders across Texas have warned unsafe behavior and vaccine misinformation in these communities are contributing to higher infection rates. And recent state data has shown the number of minorities getting vaccines is also significantly less than whites.

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One of the pastors is 90 years old and said he felt great after receiving his vaccine.

"Didn't hurt at all," another pastor said. "Didn't even feel it."


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