Inside the Houston-bound Southwest flight that flew with 11 passengers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Kurt Browning sits in an empty Hobby Airport terminal, waiting for his flight home to Tampa, Florida.

"I've never seen it like this before," says Browning.

Browning spoke with ABC13 this afternoon via Facetime while waiting for his flight. He described how empty the airport was.

"If you can see across the tarmac, you see the gates are empty. There are no airplanes. It's just weird. It's bizarre. I've never experienced an airport like this before," he said.

Browning flew into Hobby Airport Wednesday morning with his two granddaughters, Ansley and Emerson. He says they were three of only 11 people on their Southwest Airlines flight.

"It was almost like being on a private plane," says Browning.

He says typically his flight between Tampa and Houston is packed.

Airlines are one of the hardest hit industries because of the coronavirus. Many of them are cutting back flights, leading to empty seats and airport terminals.

Browning wonders, "How long can we sustain this? How long can airlines sustain having 11 people on an airplane?"

One thing Browning noticed was how clean the airplane and airports were. He believes officials and staff members are doing everything they can to keep passengers safe and healthy.

He's flying back to Tampa, on what's expected to be another lonely flight.

"It's just a bizarre thing to walk into an empty airport and board an empty airplane," says Browning.

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