Couple charged after breaking into tow shop to steal back car

SANTA CRUZ, California (KTRK) -- Auto theft is not an uncommon crime, but this is something different.

In Santa Cruz, a man stole his own vehicle from a towing company's parking lot.

"I understand why they're angry. We didn't cause this situation. We just provide the service," owner of Santa Cruz Towing, Mark Brownell, said.

On Friday night, Santa Cruz-Aptos Towing was called out to the Boardwalk Bowl parking lot to tow a car away.

After taking the car to their storage yard, the owner of the towed vehicle, Andrew Gullman, called to get the vehicle back.

"When the driver came at the end of his shift the gates were all torn open and the car was gone," Brownell said.

The tow company called the sheriff's office, who tracked the vehicle back to Gullman's home.

"They were able to interview Andrew Gullman and Brianna Geary about their involvement, and both ended up confessing to entering the tow yard to get their car back," Brownell said.

The sheriff's office says Geary and Gullman are now facing several charges, including vehicle theft, conspiracy, burglary and vandalism.

"It's super frustrating to go downtown and have nowhere to park and the lots are all full, but you have to respect people's rights. Private property is private property," Brownell said.
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