Gov. Cuomo: NY may be seeing 'possible flattening of the curve' as deaths stop rising

NEW YORK (KTRK) -- Governor Andrew Cuomo said that although there are now 4,758 deaths in New York state, the rate of deaths has been "effectively flat for two days."

There are more than 130,000 positive cases in the state, but the rate of hospital admissions, ICU and intubations has dipped. The governor also announced that NY PAUSE would continue through April 29.

"It's hopeful but it's inconclusive, and it's still dependent on what we do," Governor Cuomo said of a model saying the state is possibly hitting the apex.
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There are 130,689 positive coronavirus cases in New York. Of those, 16,837 are hospitalized, and 4,758 have died.

Gov. Cuomo ordered schools and nonessential businesses to remain closed until the end of the month and lambasted New Yorkers for being out in parks over the weekend.

"That is just wholly unacceptable," he said. "People are dying. People in the health care system are exposing themselves every day to tremendous risk walking into these emergency rooms."

Cuomo is increasing the fine from $500 to $1,000 for violating gathering and social distancing orders.

"You don't have the right to risk someone else's life," he said.

The governor thanked the states of Oregon, Washington, and California for sending ventilators.

"We will be there for every other state like they have been for us," Cuomo said. "Leading the charge, like we always do."
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