Supply shortages could continue into next year due to COVID-19 pandemic

One of the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was a run on essential items like milk, eggs, disinfectants and toilet paper.

Global supply chains have become so critical in recent years, Sam Houston State University even added a business major specifically in Supply Chain Management last fall.

While the supply of essential items is improving, associate professor, Dr. Jason Riley says many companies will immediately re-evaluate how and where they're making products. He says how businesses manufacture, ship and stock goods could be affected into next year.

"We should see the shorter, supply chains recover, by shorter I mean those here in the United States," said Riley. "But, the longer ones we're going to see those ripple effects throughout the year. Possibly into next year as organizations try to get themselves back online, especially if there are still 'hot spots' in the world."

In addition to teaching, Dr. Riley has career experience at companies like Lowe's and Apple.

For students who are now interested in supply chains, he says it's not all about working in a warehouse. Supply chains are part of every industry and require an individual to build relationships, perhaps have good technology and math skills, and have the ability to change direction when necessary as so many industries are doing during this pandemic.

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