Coronavirus car maintenance: Check for these problems before you drive

It's easy to go days or even weeks without driving your car, but that can be a big problem, especially if you face a sudden emergency and need to go somewhere. But there are some easy solutions to common problems that could pop up.


Edmunds says flat-spotting can be an issue when you car sits for a long time. That's when the weight of the vehicle sitting on one spot flattens out a portion of the tire. Changing temperatures can also have an effect on air pressure. Start by checking your tire pressure and inflating to the factory specification.

If you leave your parking brake engaged for a long period of time, it can actually cause the brake pads to bind to the rotors. So, if your car is going to be parked for a month or more, leave the parking brake off, but only if you are on a completely flat surface.

If you don't start your car frequently, the battery can lose power, leaving you needing a jump. To prevent this, you can disconnect the battery or simply take your car for a quick ride.

Rats and insects can damage your car's wires and belts. So do your best to protect your parking area, and clean out your car to prevent attracting pests.

Over time, fluids can become a major issue. Fuel can separate, and water vapor can accumulate in the gas tank. If your car has been sitting, check your fluids before you get behind the wheel.

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