Conroe car wash canopy collapses on top of cars during storm

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- Straight line winds picked up a solid steel canopy at a Conroe car wash as storms moved through the area Thursday afternoon.

"It just started storming and all of a sudden we got a gust of wind. And all of a sudden, we heard a loud noise and the canopy was laying on all them cars," David Luther recalled.

At least one woman was injured, but there is a big mess left behind at the Simoniz Car Wash on West Davis.

"I couldn't believe it until an ambulance rolled up," Chance Kooi recalled. "I was like, somebody must have got hurt. Then I looked over and they're hauling her on a stretcher. Had a neck brace on. Unconscious, I guess."

We're unsure of the woman's condition.

Workers said strong winds tossed the canopy and several of their machines around like toys.

The car wash was closed due to the damage.

An incident that witnesses said could've been a lot worse.

"Most of the people were inside already except the one lady that was inside the car," Luther said.

The National Weather Service says a microburst peaked in the area before moving north.

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