Commuters spot naked man running across bridge

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania -- Some commuters got a view they didn't expect when a man was spotted running naked along a bridge.

His nude run prompted several people to call 911.

Some people even stopped to ask the man if he was okay or needed anything.
"I asked him if he needed a shirt. He said no," Nick Farine told WTAE-TV.

Why he was running in his birthday suit remains up for debate.

Police say the man claimed he was assaulted and his clothes were stolen. But witnesses say he didn't appear to be in any danger.

"He was happy. He was smiling, laughing, and there's people that were running down the bridge that were trying to stop him," Farine said. "I hope he's ok - I mean, I don't know, there's not too many people that are running down the street like that."

The man was eventually taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries.