Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair free wig giveaway provides help to women with hair loss

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston business owner is helping women feel beautiful again after losing their hair.

The Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair Salon in north Harris County held its annual wig giveaway Saturday.

Women were invited to browse a selection of wigs and pick one for free.

The wigs were donated from across the country. The salon owner says it feels good to help women feel better about themselves.

"Sometimes we have people come in and they're feeling sad and their heads are hanging low because their hair is falling out or it doesn't look the same," said store manager Whitney. "We give them a wig and they feel transformed."

Any wigs that weren't given way will still be available at the salon next week.

The salon is located at 26 Cypress Creek Pkwy.
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