Neighborhood holds commemoration celebration 1 year post Hurricane Harvey

Sunday, August 26, 2018
Neighborhood holds commemoration 1 year post Hurricane Harvey
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Neighborhood holds commemoration 1 year post Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One year after Hurricane Harvey, nearly 300 people from one west Houston neighborhood came together again Saturday night.

The Fleetwood neighborhood had music, dancing, food trucks and a huge get together.

Some homes still aren't done, and others are still in need of repair. Still there's been a lot of progress and that's what brought the community together.

"It's a great day for us to just celebrate and to see all of our neighbors. You know we've had a lot of people, had to leave our neighborhood but they've come back and they're celebrating with us," said Elaine Dyson, President of Fleetwood Property Owners Association.

The event organizer, Steve Wormald, said 80 percent of the homes in the Fleetwood neighborhood did not have flood insurance.

"The water was up to the top of my chest standing here in the yard," said Steve Wormald, the event organizer.

Wormald's home is still a work in progress, like many others in the neighborhood. He hopes it's done in the next six weeks.

From the beginning, Harvey's aftermath has brought neighbors together. In fact, Wormald started a Pub Night at his home soon after Harvey. He had no sheet rock but he saw the need.

"There were nights when we had 20 people come for a drink," said Wormald.

Now, they're still getting together and progress continues.

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