Fort Bend ISD to hold meeting over plans to move kids to other schools

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Fort Bend ISD school board will consider Monday evening whether to vote on a rezoning proposal scheduled for Jan. 22.

That's about a month earlier than parents expected the board to take up the rezoning issue that is predicted to redirect students from Ridgepoint High School to Hightower High School.

Rezoning was proposed nearly a year ago, and has been a contentious issue for parents of students in Sienna Plantation.

"All of these kids have grown up together, and they're telling them you're going here, and you're going there," said Michelle Burleson. "But we moved here for them to go to the same place."

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Burleson and her husband have five children. Three of them went to different high schools because of earlier rezoning.

Ridgepoint is a relatively new school and already has portable buildings. The proposed rezoning map would send students in one part of Sienna Plantation to Hightower High School. That means some students would be separated from their friends, school clubs, and sports teams.

"It's unsettling for them," said Kevin Burleson. "And it's too late for us to consider moving to a neighborhood that would keep them at Ridgepoint. And we don't know if the district would rezone again. We've been through this several times already."

According to parent Jason Dobrolecki, moving is an option he's heard discussed because of how rapidly Sienna Plantation is expanding.

"Realtors tell me families are selling their homes in other parts of Sienna Plantation to move to the southern end of the area," said Dobrolecki. "To be close to where a new high school will be built that they would be zoned for. This part of Fort Bend County is expected to perhaps double in the next decade. The district is not getting ahead of the growth, not getting ahead of the numbers, not building enough and not doing it soon enough."

The Monday meeting is scheduled for 6 pm at the Fort Bend ISD Administration building.

Read the full letter to parents here.

To learn more about the proposals, and to give feedback, click here.

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