Live music venue still jamming after 68 years in northeast Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Everyone from Kashmere Gardens knows about the Silver Slipper.

Even if you haven't been, your parents and grandparents probably have.

When ABC13 plus visited on a Monday morning, the fashion was popping, the drinks were flowing, and the owner, Curley Cormier, was playing tunes from behind the bar.

"My dad opened this place up in 1952," Cormier explained. "It was an ice cream parlor back then."

In the 1950s and 60s, Cormier's dad turned the Silver Slipper into a Zydeco destination.

It was just down the street from Houston's Frenchtown, and the biggest stars performed there.

But, when Cormier and his wife, Dorothy, took over, it became a blues club.

The owner still performs every Saturday night.

"I have rules and I enforce the rules. I believe in rules," Cormier explained. "Act nice. Do the right thing. Respect everybody."

"As long as he's breathing. It will not close," added Dorothy.

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