Community decimated after flooding from San Jacinto River destroyed several homes

CHANNELVIEW, Texas (KTRK) -- A surging San Jacinto River near Channelview decimated the small community of River Bottom in the wake of Harvey.

Residents estimate a 30-foot surge is to blame for the destruction. There are roofs sitting on the ground, vehicles in tall trees and a sinkhole where once there was a house.

"It sucked the truck this way and put it in the hole," said Rusty Scott of the front end of his girlfriend's truck.

Once a serene spot to watch a sunset, River Bottom is now littered with debris.

"I lived here all my life and it's the worst it's ever been," Scott said.

The rain gauge which would have also measured the flood level washed away, according to ABC13 Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller. The closest working gauge, five miles to the east, recorded the highest rain level of the storm at 52 inches.

Scott, who has lived in River Bottom through five floods, was in awe of this one. On Thursday, he and his girlfriend were back salvaging what they could, which wasn't much.

"I found a chair," he added.

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