5-year old survives after being pinned down by SUV

DENVER, Colorado (KTRK) -- A young girl in Colorado is recovering from her injuries after a traffic accident left her pinned under the wheel of an SUV.

She was hospitalized and placed in intensive care for several days after the Tuesday incident.

Her family believes a distracted driver is to blame.

Her father says, "It had looked like her eyes and everything was just like coming out of her face."

The dad and daughter were shopping together at Target when the dad says he was hit and pushed back.

Father says, "I just immediately looked for her and I'd seen her trapped underneath the tire."

He says his 30 pound daughter was pinned under the SUV for about 10 seconds.

Her bright blood red eyes tell the rest of the story that her words can't.

"She wasn't breathing at first and there was a lot of blood," says the father. "The pressure of the car just had her. Everything comes out either through your mouth, eyes or ears."

Sarah has a broken collarbone, collapsed lungs and lots of bumps and bruises.

Meanwhile, a visit from her very best friends and homemade cards are exactly what she needs.

She's been receiving a pile of get well goodies, which seem to be working.

"I feel blessed to have her home," her father said.
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