Report: 1 in 5 college females report experiencing sexual assault

A new study is out, designed to highlight the frequency and characteristics of sexual assault and misconduct on college campuses. It was also done to check how perception of risk and resources available to students.
The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M participated in the report. Below are some of the key findings, per the Association of American Universities. (DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT) You can also find crime stats for any major college campus. Here's how.

  • Overall, 11.7 percent of student respondents across 27 universities reported experiencing nonconsensual sexual contact by physical force, threats of physical force, or incapacitation since they enrolled at their university.

  • The incidence of sexual assault and sexual misconduct due to physical force, threats of physical force, or incapacitation among female undergraduate student respondents was 23.1 percent, including 10.8 percent who experienced penetration.

  • Overall rates of reporting to campus officials and law enforcement or others were low, ranging from five percent to 28 percent, depending on the specific type of behavior.

  • The most common reason for not reporting incidents of sexual assault and sexual misconduct was that it was not considered serious enough. Other reasons included because they were "embarrassed, ashamed or that it would be too emotionally difficult," and because they "did not think anything would be done about it."

  • More than six in 10 student respondents (63.3 percent) believe that a report of sexual assault or sexual misconduct would be taken seriously by campus officials.

School participating in the survey were

Brown University
California Institute of Technology
Case Western Reserve University
Cornell University

Harvard University
Iowa State University
Michigan State University
The Ohio State University
Purdue University
Texas A&M University
The University of Arizona
University of Florida
University of Michigan
University of
Minnesota, Twin Cities
University of Missouri -- Columbia

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh
University of Southern California
The University of Texas at Austin
University of Virginia
The University of Wisconsin -- Madison
Washington University in St. Louis
Yale University
Dartmouth College, which is not an AAU member, also participated in the survey
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