Women find brick of cocaine while searching for seashells on Bolivar Beach

A stroll through Bolivar beach in search for seashells ended with two women finding a kilo of cocaine.

Leitha Ingram tells ABC13 Eyewitness News she and a friend came across the drugs on Wednesday.

Ingram says she attempted to call the police when they found the drug but did not have any cellphone service. Ingram then decided to put the drugs in her vehicle and drove until she could call the Sheriff's office.

When the officer arrived at the scene, Ingram says he tested the substance to make sure it was cocaine.

"It was very cool to watch," Ingram said.

When the substance tested positive for cocaine, the officer took if off the women's hands.

Ingram shared the experience on Facebook, with the caption "Hey Leitha, what did you do today? I found of kilo of cocaine, you?"

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