Mailed jewelry possibly tied to massive closet break-in

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Saturday, August 16, 2014
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A person claiming to be the burglar who broke into the nation's largest closet in The Woodlands has sent the 'Houston Press' jewelry possibly tied to the crime

THE WOODLANDS, TX (KTRK) -- There are new developments in that million-dollar closet heist in The Woodlands. It might not be worth as much money as we thought.

Someone claiming to be the thief who cleaned out Theresa Roemer's 3-story closet says all that high-priced jewelry is fake.

A reporter from the Houston Press says he got a call from a person claiming to be the thief. The person said the stolen items were worthless and promised to mail some of them as proof.

That package arrived Friday. The person had demanded Roemer pay half a million dollars or be exposed to the media.

Photo courtesty Houston Press

"That exchange never went through, so this person was upset that he went through all this trouble of stealing from someone and he didn't get anything," said Houston Press writer Craig Malisow.

Detectives from Montgomery County picked up the items and will review them with Roemer on Monday.

Roemer's closet was burglarized August 2, just days after her three-story, 3,000 square foot closet was featured on Good Morning America. Surveillance video shows someone caught in the act.

The media interview with Houston Press reporter Craig Malisow