Largest closet in America burglarized in Woodlands

Saturday, August 2, 2014
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Detectives say the homeowner reported losses as a result of the theft, from $500,000 to $1 million

THE WOODLANDS, TX (KTRK) -- A woman with the largest closet in the America now has a room full of empty space. Theresa Roemer says someone cleaned out her closet late last night.

Roemer's 3,000 square-foot closet was featured on "Good Morning America".

The three-story closet, which housed shoes, handbags, and furs, cost $500,000 to build.

But last night when Roemer and her husband returned to their gated community in The Woodlands after dinner, she says someone stole all her Birkin bags, jewelry and furs. Roemer says the burglary occurred between 7 and 11pm.

Authorities say the intruder entered through a bathroom window. Surveillance video given to Montgomery County property detectives and crime scene investigators shows a suspect wearing a jumpsuit and gloves.

"I don't think this person knew me because if this person knew me, they would not have robbed from me," she said.

What's left, paper stuffing on the floor, empty jewelry and bag displays.

Roemer says she built the half million dollar closet to hold fundraisers inside and auction off her designer collections to raise money for charities.

"There was a lot of good that was coming out of this closet. It was not just a display of vanity," Roemer said.

Roemer says the intruder was a pro who did his homework. Some less expensive items were left behind like pearls, diamond rings and watches.

She says what hurts the most is that the intruder took things that can't be replaced, family heirlooms and a locket that had a strand of hair from her deceased son.

"To take the things that mean the most, that you can't replace, that's what's the most hurtful," she said.

"I know that I've been through harder things in life. I buried my son in 2006 from a tragic car accident, and this is a drop in the bucket compared to that. And if this person thinks that they've ruined me because of what he's done to me, then he's got another thing coming," said Roemer.

Roemer says she does believe all the media attention in recent weeks contributed to her getting burglarized.

The Montgomery County sheriff's office is working the case. They have not released any of the surveillance video.

Detectives say the homeowner reported losses as a result of the theft, from $500,000 to $1 million.

The suspect remains on the run.