City of Stafford to get new mayor after 50 years

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Stafford to wait a little longer to learn who is new mayor
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For the last 50 years, Leonard Scarcella was Stafford's mayor. He was one of the longest-running tenures anywhere in America. Now, the city is one step closer to learning who will be its mayor.

STAFFORD, Texas (KTRK) -- The presidential race isn't the only big race on the ballot this year. Many local races will be decided by voters, including the mayor's race in Stafford.

The city of Stafford has not had a new mayor in 50 years. Now, four candidates are hoping to take the seat that once belonged to Leonard Scarcella.

"We've had several races but it was always a landslide for the old mayor, and this an opportunity for the doors to open for the future," said candidate Wen Guerra. Guerra is the current mayor pro tem.

"There's four of us, so right off the top, there's a 25% chance," candidate Cecil Willis said. "But I feel good, people of Stafford know me and I know Stafford, so I feel good."

For the 50 years that preceded 2020, Scarcella was mayor. He was one of the longest-running tenures anywhere in America. When he died, it represented an open mayor's race for the first time.

"It's a great opportunity, we've been able to do great things. One thing I like to point out, our previous mayor started when he was 29, I'm 34," candidate Jim Narvios said.

Every candidate is a living success story in the most diverse town within the most diverse county in Texas.

"I have the best background for what Stafford needs right now. We have financial challenges with COVID-19, so we really need someone with a finance background," candidate A.J. Honore said.

The city of Stafford is also a town with no property taxes, a policy all four candidates said they'll keep.

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