Danger in the toy aisle?

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- You may not know it, but danger could be lurking in the toy aisle. So ahead of this weekend, parents are getting a heads up on the most hazardous items on the market.

On the shelf, they seem fine but the Texas Public Interest Research Group says there are toys for sale that can cause harm to your child. Doctors routinely see the dangers.

"What we do see is that children that are not of the appropriate age or physical ability using toys that can lead to injuries, specifically trampolines, skateboards, scooters and those kinds of things we see a lot of," said Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Lindsey Stephenson.

But TexPIRG says the trouble with many toys marketed to young kids is that they can break into small parts and present a choking hazard.

Other toys raise concerns for being too loud. TexPIRG is not saying they exceed federal standards, just that the volume can be a concern for young children.

The group also claims some toys contain excessive amounts of chemicals like Chromium which can cause allergic reactions to skin.
But choking hazards present the biggest problems.

"For our country, it is the number one reason for toy recalls and we have to be sure that toys are labeled appropriately and as doctor Stephenson pointed out it's more about the children using toys that are for their age," said Erik Dolliver with TexPIRG.

What should you do if you find one of these toys under your tree? Take it away from your child and report it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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