Last-minute shoppers race against the Christmas clock

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With the countdown to Christmas now in the mere hours, thousands of people were found streaming through stores across the Houston area on a Saturday night.

To the relief of many shoppers, some national chains and big box retailers are staying open 24 hours to help get that shopping list resolved.

At the Target on South Main by NRG Stadium, families lined up for the chance to get wrapping paper, gift bags and those last-minute gifts that just didn't happen until now.

For some, like shopper Phil Binayao, this was one of few trips to an actual store this year.

"A lot of it's been online, you know, but when we get time to come out and walk around..." Binayao said. "Usually people try to avoid the crowds, but last day before Christmas Eve, you just have to jump in it to get what you need."

Jonathan Moses and his dad spent the night looking for something perfect for mom this Christmas.

If it were up to Jonathan, she'd get a stocking full of Trolls dolls. Fortunately, dad was there to offer some alternatives.

As shoppers made their way to the cash registers with baskets full of goods, there was something here you can't find online: the infection cheer on people's faces as they reached the finish line with a day to spare.

"I hadn't reached that mark yet, but I'm done," Rita Brent said, with a smile. "Done."

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