Hot Christmas on tap for Houston

Thursday, December 24, 2015
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At Discovery Green Wednesday, it looked a lot more like summer than Christmas.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston is in for an unseasonably warm Christmas, and families are taking advantage of the warm weather.

At Discovery Green downtown, children are wearing bathing suits and playing in fountains. Families are waiting in long lines for snow cones and ice cream.

"This is the most wonderful weather," Bettie Nobles said, "Kids can get out, just think on Christmas day, they will be able to ride their bicycles, and just have a blast."

Andrew Marino is in charge of keeping the outdoor ice rink at Discovery Green in good shape. As a New York native, he knows his way around the ice. He has had to adjust to the warm weather, though.

"A lot of the issues we face, with the humidity, the sunlight, and all the rain," Marino said, "And all that lovely weather that Houston brings us."

Marino works with the company Ice Rink Events. He keeps the ice covered with a tarp during the hottest parts of the day. He ducks underneath to patch up holes in the ice.

"We actually have about 17 miles of flex pipe underneath the surface," Marino said, "And that's pumping Glycol at about five degrees Farenheit. That's just constantly pumping and coming back."

The high temperatures are throwing nature for a loop, too. Some flowers and trees are in full bloom.

Houston families are enjoying the best of both worlds this holiday season.