Children at Risk identifies 10 Houston-area high schools with lowest graduation rates

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With a stark outlook of the workforce involving non-high school graduates, the nonprofit advocacy group Children at Risk identified 10 high schools with the lowest graduation rates in Harris County.

According to the group, 11,398 students did not graduate from high school in six years.

The 10 high schools on the list, nearly all of them Houston ISD campuses, have graduation rates ranging from 54 to 64 percent.

Play the video above to see which schools were on the list.

While the data doesn't go into reasons for each school, including socioeconomic, Children at Risk states the statistics are becoming more significant as post-high school education becomes increasingly more important, nodding at a progressively automated workforce.

"These graduation rates should be a wakeup call for everyone," said Dr. Bob Sanborn, president and CEO of Children at Risk. "Improvement is needed in many schools throughout Houston. Our teachers, parents and administrators must work together to ensure all students graduate from high school so they have the opportunity for future success."

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Citing statistics from the McKinsey Global Institute, jobs requiring less than a high school diploma will have a 55 percent chance of being automated, which is greater than that of jobs requiring a college degree.

"This means that in a school where under 60 percent of the students are graduating, over 40 percent of the students are leaving the public school system with a decreasing potential of joining the workforce and contributing to the economy," Children at Risk stated.

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