'He could not move': Son went numb from classmate's push, mom says

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Ethan Godinez is a 13-year-old seventh grader at Clifton Middle School in northwest Houston.

A few weeks ago, he was at a park adjacent to the school when another student he did not know pushed him from behind unprovoked and without warning.

Ethan fell, hit his head, injured his back, and for a moment, was numb.

"It was raining," said Ethan's mother Blanca Godinez. "It was cold. My son was very cold. He (could not) move. "

Ethan went to the hospital in an ambulance. He suffered a concussion. To make matters worse, his mother says the injury came months after a car accident in which he hurt his back.

The shove aggravated the pain even more.

"What my mom wants is for the kid's parents to know what his son did to my little brother since the principal has not talked to the kid's parents," said Ethan's older sister, Estela.

Ethan's mother said she wanted a meeting with the other boy's parents, but claims the school won't help.

ABC13 reached out to HISD for comment and had multiple conversations with administrative officials. The school district refused to comment on the record.

ABC13 also checked with Houston police, who says they are investigating the incident, but Ethan's mom worries about the medical bills that will soon be arriving and fears another child will get hurt.

She became emotional at the end of an interview with ABC13 and gave thanks for speaking with her.

Nobody is doing anything, she said. She doesn't yet know the extent of the medical bills, but says her son is still suffering headaches from the injury.

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