Family of boy killed in crash speaks out as DWI suspect faces new charges

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Friday, September 21, 2018
DWI suspect faces new charges; victim's family speaks out
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Prosecutors say the driver accused of causing four car crashes -- and killing two people -- was impaired, leaving a victim's family with questions

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Life has been rough for the Villanuevas since April.

"Not too well. I lost my son," says Angel Villanueva.

Villanueva's six-year-old son Joshua Medrano was killed when Blaine Boudreaux hit his mother's car at the East Freeway Feeder Road and Lockwood. Joshua's uncle, David Villanueva, says a lot of love was taken from his family that day.

"I would love for him to look at my nephew every night and think about that, think about what he did," he says.

Investigators say it was Boudreaux's fourth crash of the day. He hit a mother and her child in the Texas Medical Center. He allegedly hit another man at Weslayan and Westpark. And he allegedly hit and killed a homeless man near the University of Houston.

Prosecutors believe he was under the influence the whole time.

"There were indicators of Alprazolam, which we know as Xanax," says Assistant Harris County DA Alison Baimbridge. "And amphetamine, which is commonly found in a lot of prescription medications like Adderrall. But at certain levels can be impairing, even therapeutic levels."

Already charged with intoxication manslaughter, he was back in court Wednesday to face three new charges. A second intoxication manslaughter and two DWIs.

Baimbridge says victim and witness statements, along with toxicology results show his behavior was that of an impaired driver.

"When you add to that the drugs found in his blood, it's pretty clear that he was impaired throughout his track through the county," Baimbridge said.

But the officers that responded let him get back behind the wheel. Joshua Medrano's family says those officers dropped the ball.

"They should have done a better job, and we would have still had our nephew," says David Villanueva.

The two officers that came in contact with Boudreaux before the fatal crashes and let him go are under investigation by HPD internal affairs. But we've learned that one of them is currently listed as active duty.

We also spoke with one of Boudreaux's attorneys. He tells us they are still piecing the puzzle together, but that they now know that there was no alcohol in his system contrary to initial reports.

Boudreaux remains in jail on more than $400,000 bond.