Raw chicken parts shower busy street in New York

BOERUM HILL, Brooklyn -- The New York City Sanitation Department confirmed they are investigating who is responsible for a load of chicken guts left strewn down one block on Friday morning.

311 complaints about chicken parts littering the streets began just before 9 a.m.

By 10 a.m., a DSNY spokesperson said a mechanical broom had "addressed the condition," and added that a "flusher (truck with water)" was "on the way to address the remaining street residue."

Neighbors discussed the scene in shock and disgust.

"It's pretty gross, pretty disgusting," said Jessy Cole. "I mean I'm mostly vegan."

"I can smell it," added James Millard. "And I can't imagine what kind of diseases."

Witnesses said a truck carrying chicken had stopped at a red light with a partially opened back door.

They said the car accelerated at the green light and the back door came open, dumping the chicken as the car headed north.

As of Friday afternoon, it remained unclear who was responsible for truck and the spill, but a Sanitation Department spokesperson said the city was investigating and added that fines for littering and potential health violations could follow.
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