Chef Suu Khin cooking with pride and purpose

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Chef celebrating hometown flavors
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Chef Suu Khin is on a journey to make Burmese cuisine less mysterious and more loved.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Chef Suu Khin is on a mission to educate people on the flavors from her hometown of Burma, now known as Myanmar.

She did not always have a passion for cooking. Growing up in Burma, she resented the fact that women must clean and cook for the men in her family.

"Cooking is something that a girl must do, a girl must know so she could grow up to be a proper woman," Khin said. "I kind of hated it, it was more like a chore to me growing up."

It was not until she moved to the United States for college when she started to embrace her culinary heritage.

"I had picked up cooking again because it had become an extension of home" Khin said.

Khin competed in the reality television series Masterchef and was a finalist in season 11.

She now creates popular pop-up dinner events in Houston. You can find more information on her website.