Chase suspect tries to hide under house to avoid arrest after crashing in N. Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A chase suspect was arrested after he crashed his car and then tried to hide under a house in north Houston.

Houston police told ABC13 it all stemmed from a domestic dispute.

Officials say that overnight the suspect used a shotgun to fire rounds at his in-law's home, where his wife was staying.

They called police, and within hours, HPD found the car and started chasing the man.

The chase ended on Firnat and Hardy, where the suspect ran into a power pole.

He then ran down the street toward witness Frankie Gamboa. She was outside in her driveway and heard the crash.

When Gamboa saw him heading in her direction, her reaction was to grab her young niece and lock herself in her home.

"I seen when he hit that pole that he was trying to come out, and I said that is not a wreck. And I heard the cops and I seen him running and said, 'Oh, hell no,'" she told ABC13.

The suspect ended up trying to hide under a house across the street from Gamboa, police say.

She took video of the suspect after police placed him in handcuffs.

"My front door was open, my niece and the baby and I said, 'Don't make no noise, what if he is walking around?' 'Cause he was running, he was running," Gamboa explained.

Police found a pair of shotguns in the suspect's vehicle. He will be charged with burglary with the intent to harm and possession of a gun by a felon.

He also knocked out the power to about a half dozen homes when he hit the pole.

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