Restaurant in The Heights 'sees light at the end of the tunnel' after receiving $1000 tip

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Employees at a restaurant in The Heights were completely stunned when they received a thousand-dollar tip Friday evening.

It happened at Cavatore Italian Restaurant on Ella Blvd. on Friday. Owner Fedrico Cavatore said an assistant manager ran over to him with excitement when the tip was discovered.

She showed him the tip that a customer left after spending $19 that evening.

"I had to look at it again," Cavatore said.

The loyal customer, who he's known for about 21 years, left a $1,000 tip and below it, she left a message that read "Stay strong."


Cavatore said it's been difficult time because he's had to cut shifts and move waiters around due to the lack of business. But when they all saw this tip, they were all touched.

"It really touched me in a way. I see these employees daily. I see them more than I see my family," he said. "It's times like this that just changed everything. It's a light at the end of a tunnel."

Cavatore said he's very grateful for the support the neighborhood has given them.

"Without them, we would've shut our doors," he said.

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