CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Dramatic rescue of brothers trapped in submerged SUV

SANGER, California -- Two brothers are alive after their SUV flipped over and landed in a canal, thanks to quick-acting emergency crews.

Their dramatic rescue was caught on camera.

Police cameras were rolling in Sanger, California as rescuers worked to free the men in the cold murky water.

The upside down SUV was nearly completely submerged. One of the men was trapped for about 40 minutes, breathing from a pocket of air not much larger than his head.

"I could hear the driver saying, 'Open the door, help me,'" said officer Joshua Calderon, who was first on the scene.

KCAL-TV reports firefighters used the Jaws of Life of pry open the door.

Both men were rushed to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia.

Investigators don't know what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle.