CAUGHT ON CAMERA: People dive into rescue boy found at bottom of swimming pool

ROCHESTER, Minnesota -- A young boy nearly drowned earlier this week in a Minnesota swimming pool. The terrifying moments were captured on surveillance video.

In the video, seconds pass before someone finally noticed the boy at the bottom of the pool.

KTTC reported that 13-year-old Cody Runyon spotted the boy underwater and dived to get him. Another child and woman helped bring the unconscious boy to the edge.

Desiree Pasko described her quick reaction.

"I could hear a small gurgle, and his cheeks got pink. When his cheeks turned pink, I gave one more breath, I did two more big pumps, and then I tipped him over, just praying that he would vomit and he did. And when he vomited I started screaming 'He's alive! He's alive!'" Desiree Pasko said.

The child is recovering and is expected to be okay, KTTC reported.