CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Even video does not tell entire story; Was it an assault or self-defense?

BOSTON, Massachusetts -- A man in Boston is defending his actions after he punched a 66-year-old man on a train for taking pictures of women.

The punch thrown by Tukan Manley, 32, is captured on video by rider Makeda Payton. Why Manley punched the older man is what he is defending in court.

Manley claims it was self-defense. Prosecutors claim it was an assault.

"There was a young lady sitting next to him who started to yell, 'What are you doing why are you trying to take pictures of her?'" said Payton to Boston 25.

The older man was taking pictures of women on a Boston train. The pictures apparently were not lewd or anything inappropriate.

Manley jumps in and clocks the man taking the pictures. Manley says it was self-defense.

Then, a mob gathers on the train and beats up the older man, too. At one point, people were even cheering as the melee continued. The claim that the older man was taking dirty pictures fed the emotions of those around the the situation.

The man, who admits he was taking pictures, was choked for a time, kicked and some of his ribs were broken.

"He began to lose consciousness when the man, Mr. Manly, applied pressure to his throat. He felt dizzy and like the man was trying to kill him," said the man's lawyer.

Manley also grabbed the man's cell phone.

However, Manley's lawyers claim what he was simply defending himself and not an assault.

Manley has been released on $500 bail.

As for the Payton, whose cell phone captured the moment, she said, "I agree that it did go too far."