Retired teacher's post-classroom life goes viral for slumber party at cat shelter

A Wisconsin man is gaining national attention after a Facebook post about his work with felines at a sanctuary went viral this week.

Safe Haven pet sanctuary may be a shelter, but the felines who live there aren't orphans.

"I adopted all these cats here," Terry Lauerman, a volunteer cat brusher, said.

After his 35-year career as a teacher, Lauerman is spending his golden years volunteering.

"And when I retired, I decided I wanted to do something fun," Lauerman said.

It's his job six days a week.

"I come in and I basically brush every one of the cats, so lots of cats have fur that needs to be taken off and it feels good to them and they like to be brushed," he said.

This shelter is getting attention for the cat naps Lauerman takes with his feline buddies. One of those moments was featured in a viral post.

"I was on this couch, sleeping with, well I was petting a cat and I kind of dozed off, and the cat dozed off and they took a picture, and that's that," he said.

The post has brought recognition to the work he does for these special needs cats.

Lauerman is hoping this attention will inspire people to donate to the shelter so they can help even more cats.

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