'Candid Catmera' app lets snap happy felines take selfies

HALIFAX, Canada (KTRK) -- Taking pictures of your cat is SO yesterday, at least according to one app developer.

Nathan Kroll is the creator of Candid Catmera, an app designed to let cats take their own selfies that was recently launched by Halifax-based Current Studios.

The app uses 'cat-tractions' -- like a mouse scampering or a can of cat food opening -- that are designed to lure the cat to your device.

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After the cat approaches your smartphone or tablet, the app utilizes feline facial recognition technology to snap the kitty selfie, which is then sent to the cat's owner.

"From a user perspective, which technically is the cat, it's super simple. You put the tablet out and the tablet will attract the cat over and automatically take pictures," Kroll told CBC News of his creation.

To test the app, Kroll and company partnered with the SPCA in Halifax. Now, half of the app's proceeds are donated to the organization.
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