New Year's Eve is no party for our pets

New Year's Eve is usually a big party for people. But for many pets, this holiday is a nightmare.

The fireworks and celebratory gunfire that are heard in many neighborhoods are very scary for many cats and dogs.

The SPCA of Texas has some advice on how you can make tonight a bit easier on your sensitive pets:

-Keep your pets indoors with some white noise (like music or a fan) to help mask as much noise as possible
-Consider securing your pet in a small room in your home or in a crate until the fireworks are over
-Try distracting them with games or treats
-Make sure they have on a collar with current tags and are microchipped. Even if the proper precautions are taken, some animals still manage to get out of their homes. Up to date identification will help get your pet safely back to you if they do get out.

In addition to the scary noises, there are many other hazards facing our pets on New Year's Eve. Check out this link from "Good Morning America" for more.

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