Foster a dog or cat for holidays

Do you find yourself feeling a little down or lonely during the holidays?

I have the perfect solution -- why not temporarily foster a rescue dog or cat for the holidays?

Animal rescue groups like Houston's Red Collar Rescue rely on foster homes for their animals while they search for their forever home. There are always more animals than foster homes, so some end up in boarding. Many local boarding facilities donate their unused kennels and runs to rescue groups at a discounted rate. But during the busy holiday season, they need that space for their regular clients.

Red Collar Rescue's founder, Charlotte Liberda, says that's where you can help. "If you can take one of our adoptables into your home just for that time when those kennels need the space, like over the Thanksgiving long holiday weekend, we would be so grateful. There's no long term commitment. You are just giving a rescue dog or cat a temporary place to stay for a few days."

For the most part, these are animals that are completely vetted and healthy. The rescue groups can also often help you with supplies (like leashes, crates, etc).

I have done this several times over the years when we've been too busy to foster a dog full-time. It's so rewarding to be able to help out rescue groups who take care of so many homeless animals all year long.

This is Nanook and my hubby Carl with former Red Collar Rescue adoptable Kona. We took him in over a holiday a couple of years ago. He was such a sweetie, we actually never took him back to boarding. We kept him with us until he found his perfect forever home.

If you would like to open your home (and your heart) to a foster animal in boarding, here's a list of some of the Houston area rescue groups who need temporary holiday foster homes:

Red Collar Rescue or email

K-9 Angels Rescue

Corridor Rescue

The Forgotten Pet Advocates

Second Chance Pets or email

Rescued Pets Movement

Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Dachshund Rescue of Houston

Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue

Barrio Dogs

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston or email

Dream Dachshund Rescue

Almost Home Pet Rescue

Lucky Penny Rox Rescue | Facebook | Email

Triumphant Tails

English Springer Rescue

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