How likely are you to be exposed to COVID-19 while in the car?

Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Carpooling the kids this year? Here's how to stay safe
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Click here to see the proper steps experts recommend when sharing a ride with someone else.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The school year looks a lot different, even when it comes to carpooling.

If you're sharing a ride with another family to school, or anywhere else, there are steps you should take to help prevent your exposure to COVID-19.

"If it's just us, we don't need to wear a mask. But, if we're carpooling or have other kids in the car, then everyone wears a mask," Shannen Tune told ABC13.

Shannen and his wife Stacey do everything they can to protect their two kids Shannen Jr., 14, and 8-year-old Sofia. That includes some strict new rules when they carpool.

According to infectious disease specialist at Memorial Hermann Dr. Linda Yancey masking is a must if you're with members of another family, and so is keeping the air inside the car moving.

"Things like rolling down the windows. Good air circulation will really help to reduce the amount of virus in the air around you," Dr. Yancey explained.

She also advises everyone to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the car.

"Things like rolling down the windows (and) good air circulation will really help to reduce the amount of virus in the air around you," Yancey explained.

Dr. Yancey also recommends putting as much space as possible between kids in the car.

"If you have the option of a minivan and you are transporting two kids, then yes, put one in the backseat, one in the middle seat and have the driver in the front seat," she said.

The Tune family also makes sure everyone knows the drill before hitting the road.

"One of the biggest things that we have done for the safety of our children, is just talk to them about the safety steps that we take before we go somewhere," Shannen explained.

Yancey says the best way to minimize risk is to drive your own kids to school, but these steps should help lessen the risk of virus exposure.

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