How you can snag a free trip to New Zealand

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (KTRK) -- Have you always wanted to visit New Zealand? Now's your chance. All you have to do is apply for a job there.

According to Time, a tech company in Wellington is recruiting for tech experts from around the world, and the interview comes with a free trip to New Zealand.

Wellington is looking to revive the growing tech scene by adding 100 new software developers, creative directors, product managers, analysts and digital strategists.

The search for techies with an offer for a free trip to New Zealand is being called Wellington's global talent attraction program, where the city will host 100 candidates for a free weeklong trip.

During their stay, the techie recruits can participate in job interviews and will get to know all about New Zealand.

If you're interested in moving to New Zealand and are a tech expert, register on LookSee Wellington and create a profile. Tech firms will have to nominate you to be considered.

Good luck!
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