'I prioritize my work because I'm ambitious': Mom sparks debate about prioritizing work over kids

Can you really have it all as a mom?

Lawyer, professor and author Lara Bazelon is challenging the notion of whether work-life balance is achievable for working mothers.

In her New York Times article 'I've Picked My Job Over My Kids' that has attracted a lot of attention and debate, Bazelon writes:

"I prioritize my work because I'm ambitious and because I believe it's important. If I didn't write and teach and litigate, a part of me would feel empty."

Opening up about her career and children on Good Morning America, Bazelon says, "I struggle between my desire to do what's best for my clients, whose lives are on the line, and do what's best for my children, who deserve a really present, engaged and loving mother."

Parenting expert and author Rachel Simmons broke down Bazelon's article to GMA, affirming her opinion by calling the idea of work-life balance for mothers a "fool's errand."

"As a parent, when I'm working, I feel like I should be with my daughter. When I'm with my daughter, I feel like I should be working," Simmons explained to GMA. "Millions of moms feel that constant guilt like nothing we can do is ever enough."

Simmons proposed that Bazelon's article may not have been as controversial if it had been written by a man.

Bazelon also pointed out the double standard of expectations that exist between mothers and fathers who work.

"The pressures on mothers are different than the pressures on fathers. We're held to a different standard," she said. "So when fathers, for example, go grocery shopping or show up in the middle of the day to an event, everyone thinks it's so wonderful and fantastic. And if a mother misses the midday event, there's a sense of, 'Well, why weren't you there?'"

While Bazelon prioritizes her career, she admits that choice comes with a cost, which is sometimes missing important events for her children.

Simmons offered tips to GMA on how to talk to your children about missing important things in their lives because of work.
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