How you can get hired if you have a criminal record

Following the bi-partisan passage of "The First Step Act" in December, top companies are pledging to change their hiring practices for those with criminal backgrounds.

In the last month, the largest human resources group in the country has launched

The website includes a pledge for big and small businesses to provide opportunities to qualified people with criminal backgrounds.

Employers with household names like IBM and Walmart, both local to Houston, have taken the formal pledge.

Yesterday, I talked to the man leading this nationwide effort.

"The main question I get asked is 'I have a felony or I don't have a good background. Nobody wants to hire me.' This is for those people?" I asked Johnny C Taylor, SHRM CEO.

"It's for those people, it's three groups. It's for those groups primarily because if we want them to not get back into the system, then they need to make an honest living, but it's also for employers. Listen we have seven million jobs in America and over six million looking for jobs so there's a gap. Employers need the talent. This isn't just feel good, so it's beneficial to employers as well. Then finally tax payers, you're going to pay for them anyway," said Taylor.

If you have a criminal background, you can apply at these jobs without hesitation of getting turned away because of your past, granted you meet the job qualifications.

For other companies here locally, you too can take the pledge and you will receive a toolkit designed to help you understand all the legal factors.

You can find out more here.
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