College of the Mainland launches program to help thousands in Texas City get jobs

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- The College of the Mainland will launch a program to help thousands get jobs.

Texas City has one of the highest unemployment rates in the area. And with COVID-19, the economy took an even bigger hit.

The good news is help is on the way thanks to a new program aiming to create 300,000 jobs in 300 days.

"The state will be launching this initiative later this fall," College of the Mainland Vice President for Instruction, Jerry Fliger, said. "Right now, COM is coming out, and we're ready to go in August."

The state's goal is to use its community colleges to find 300,000 Texans jobs in the next 300 days.

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At the College of the Mainland, there are a variety of programs from public service to health and IT.

"Some of these programs are as short as two and half days," Fliger said. "Some of them take up to three semesters. Financial aid is available for those."

The college also wants to help business owners who were hit hard by the pandemic.

"We have classes on how to use social media to promote your business," Fliger explained. "Programs on how to convert your business to an e-commerce site."

The program may not start until August, but applicants don't have to wait to see what's available. If you're interested, check out the college's website..

If you're worried about the coronavirus, the college plans to offer virtual classes this fall. It'll also return to in-class training, where none of the classes will exceed 50 percent capacity.

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