SE Houston homeowner fights for speed bump after several car crashes, close calls

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- An SUV came within inches of slamming into a home in Houston's south side Monday night.

A neighborhood street comes to an end right in front of Melody Robinson's home. Cars must either turn left or right. There is a yellow sign with arrows that warns drivers they cannot continue going forward, but Robinson said many drivers do not pay attention.

"It is truly frightening," Robinson said. "We can't even allow our grandchildren to go outside and play in the front yard because of situations like this," Robinson said, "They speed during the daytime and it's worse at night."

Robinson and her husband installed concrete and wooden barriers in their front yard to protect their home. The SUV from Monday night slammed into that barrier but did not crash into the home.

"We had about two vehicles that ran in my living room," Robinson said. "The cars actually came into my house. And before that, they came and hit our vehicles."

The Robinsons want the City of Houston to add speed bumps along their street. Until that happens, they're praying their family stays safe.

"They could kill one of us," Robinson said, "if not all of us."
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