Car crashes into the garage of a home in Spring

Friday, November 20, 2015
Car crashes into the garage of a home
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A car crashed into the garage of a home, Tracy Clemons has the details.

SPRING,TX (KTRK) -- An investigation continues after a car crashed into the garage of a home Thursday night in Spring.

It's still unclear what lead to the crash, but what is clear is that it did some major damage. Neighbors say the two drivers were racing.

One of the neighbors say both cars cut her off on Aldine Westfield before turning into the neighborhood and that it looked like the SUV was chasing after the other car, possibly road rage. The man that crashed was taken to the hospital, aware of where he was. The second car got away.

The family that lives in neighborhood says a few seconds may have been the difference between property damage and loss of life.

"I was in the kitchen making dinner and my son just got home a few seconds and I heard a really loud noise like an explosion," Maria Sosa said. "It really scared me so I went out and saw all this."

No word on the driver's condition or whether he'll be charged.

Authorities would not disclose any other details.

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