SE Harris County community plagued by car burglaries

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Residents in one southeast Harris county neighborhood say they are tired of being victimized by thieves.

Vivian Decuba tells Eyewitness News she believes the same the group of young men have been breaking into cars in her College Place neighborhood off Dixie Farm Road for the last two weeks. Her car was burglarized Sunday night.

Surveillance video of one break-in shows at least four men casually walking down the street checking for unlocked cars. One thief gets lucky, rummages through a vehicle parked in a driveway and walks away with a brand new pair of shoes.

"They come into our neighborhood. Two go one way. Two go another. Two go down the street," said Decuba. "They check every single car and whatever car is open, they're going to ransack so keep your doors locked."

Some homeowners fear the thieves will start going into houses. They are being more watchful and questioning anyone who looks suspicious. The neighborhood is just within Harris County limits.

Law enforcement officers say to always keep your vehicle doors locked and never leave valuables in plain sight.

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